Fire alarm panels FP9000-4 and FP9000-8 / 4 and 8 zones with display


•  EN 54-2 and EN 54-4 certified;
• Conventional fire panel;
• Compatible with all manufactured conventional detectors;
• Fire lines 4 or 8;
• Outputs – 6 relay-type embedded;

• Control lines and monitoring outputs for fault conditions (short circuit and interruption) and automatic reset;
• Control lines removed fire detector and automatic reset;
• Light and textual indication for Fire condition, Fault, Prohibition and Test;
• Ability to delay controllable outputs and general fire for a period of 10 to 600 seconds after the state registration of fire;
• Built-in sounder for fire – one tonal, continuous with the possibility of exclusion;
• Status Test each fire alarm lines;
• Ability to disable any of fire alarm lines;

• Ability to ban controllable outputs for fire;
• Interface for communication with external devices RS485 and networking / optional / with the addition of module M9000-485;
• Ability to GPRS, LAN communications and remote control and monitoring / optional /;
• LCD display 2 x1 6 symbols and keyboard control and indication panel;
• Energy independent archive of events recorded by plant type, date and time of the event – to 1600 events;
• Counter fires – up to 9999 registered fire conditions;
• Choice of language for text information display;
• Set of test modes and options for adjustment of lines and outputs panel;

Base settings:

• Electricity – interruption, fire, fire with the direct involvement of the outputs for each line.
 Number of checks to enter the state fire on/off. Function removed fire detector on/off. check provreda ground wire
 Full programming 12 outputs for each line programming of delay from 0 to 600 seconds for each line individually text message for each line.
 Choice of outputs that will be excluded when pressing Stop sirens.

Dimensions – 310х240х80 mm
Weight without batteries – 1,3 kg

The panel meets the standards:
• EN 54-2:1997
• EN 54-2:1997/A1:2006
• EN 54-2:1997/AC:1999
• EN 54-4:1997
• EN 54-4:1997/A1:2002
• EN 54-4:1997/A2:2006
• EN 54-4:1997AC:1999
• EN 50130-4:2011
• EN 55022:2006/А1:2007
• EN 60950-1:2006/А11:2009