Repeater Panels

Fire Alarm Panel

FP9000R Repeater panel

• Plastic box;
• Input voltage (187-253)V AC, 50Hz;
• Output voltage (18-27.6)V/DC;
• Output current (in the presence of main power supply) – up to 2.0A (continuous);
• Output current (in absence of mains power supply and fully charged back-up
battery) – 3.5A up to 1h;
• Back-up battery – 2x12V / 5Ah;
• Developed under the requirements of EN 54-4 and EN 54-2

– receives data for Fire condition from the remote fire control panels:

– receives data for Fault condition from the remote fire control panels:

– displays information for the condition of remote fire control panels;

– executes control commands to lines of remote fire control panels for their forced exit of Fire



Repeater FP9000R could be used:

– when the persons whom are expected to detect and react initially to the fire condition

and/or fault condition signals are at a different place from the location of the fire control


– when fire control panels located at different sites have to be monitored and controlled

from one place;

– when the fire control panel/s are monitored from several locations.