Our Team

Our team is of highly qualified engineers with experience in the development and manufacture of high-tech microprocessor devices in fire detection, fire fighting and supporting equipment for fireproof. Long experience of specialists in the creation of products from the preliminary design to installation and testing in real objects, gives us the confidence that we can cope with any challenge.

Our hardware team is specialized in technical design scheme of microprocessor devices using the latest CAD-CAM products in electronics, the circuits are justified by simulations and mathematical calculations, the circuitry and PCB design is consistent with the standards for Electromagnetic Compatibility , the documentation is organized in accordance with contemporary requirements of the electronic formatting, and best practices.

Our software team has extensive experience in developing software for systems with built in microprocessors. Depending on the applications are used 8,16 or 32 bit microprocessors and program in algorithmic languages tailored for the required functionality.

The design and engineering team carry out all activities in engineering systems for fire protection. From consultation to clients in all aspects of the installations and fire safety devices to project development, installation and commissioning of the systems. The team is having full designer capacity and licences and all certificates required by our legislation for the design, installation and maintenance of fire safety systems.