S9000 Sounder

EN 54-3 certified sounders S9000/S9000F

S9000 is applicable for sound and flash LED indication of events registered in Fire Alarm Systems. S9000 is compliant with EN54-3. The sounder is connected a two-wire cable on a base B9000. After being mounted on its base, the sounder must be locked.


  • Power supply:                                               9-30 V DC
  • Alarm state current:                                    60 mА/24V DC
  • Sound level, type “Slow whoop” on 1m:  96dB /24V DC
  • Frequency, pattern “Slow whoop”:           0,5 – 1,2 kHz
  • Flash light signalling:                                   red
  • Connection to fire detector:                       two-wire line
  • Degree of protection:                                  IP 40
  • Operational temperature range:               minus 15ºС to70ºС
  • Relative humidity resistance:                     (93 ± 3)% at40ºС
  • Dimensions:                                                  Øф100mm / h≤52mm
  • Weight:                                                           100g